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Can someone show me to a specific gravesite?

Yes, there are staff members who will look up the grave's location and take you to it during operation hours; Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Is there a listing of who is buried at Fernhill and their burial dates?
Yes, the names are listed alphabetically by the last name, followed by their given names. Included as well are the Lot identification, date of death and owner of the Lot.
Are Lots still available for purchase?
Yes, many different size lots are available and are located in various areas throughout the Cemetery. There is also an indoor columbarium and an outdoor columbarium for cremated remains. A Lot may contain a single grave or as many graves as required.
How much does a Lot cost?
Prices vary depending on how many graves are meant to be in the Lot, as well as by the size and type of grave required. For complete information on standard pricing, please look under Products and Services.
Does Fernhill offer a purchase plan?
Yes, we offer a three-year payment plan with no interest. An agreed upon schedule of monthly or quarterly (every 3 months) payments will be established (and must be maintained to retain the attractive interest free terms).
How many burials are permitted in each grave?
Full size graves provide two options:
a) Graves with a full size burial can also accommodate two cremated remains
b) Without a full size burial, four cremated remains may be buried.

In partial size graves, three cremated remains per grave may be buried.

In Fernhill's urn garden areas, two cremated remains can be buried in each grave.

The indoor columbarium niches (cubicles) are available in three sizes, holding one, two or three cremated remains. Fernhill's outdoor columbarium niches each hold two cremated remains.

What is Perpetual Care?
Perpetual Care is a service providing care of gravesites and monuments into perpetuity. Perpetual Care of the lot or ground, although optional in the past, is now mandatory and the fee is included in Lot prices quoted.

Perpetual Care for monuments, an optional service, is also available. The fee is calculated individually based on the type, size and style of each monument.
Can a Family Plot be purchased?
Yes, a Family Plot is a Lot consisting of as many graves as might be required for a family's needs.
Can graves accommodate a monument or marker?
Full size and partial size graves can accommodate an upright monument/marker, which must be placed in the monument line. As well, flat markers may be placed on the graves.

Each Urn garden grave accommodates only one flat marker.

In Fernhill's indoor columbarium niches, plaques are displayed to note the people entombed in the niches.

The outdoor columbarium can accommodate a brass plaque to memorialize the person(s) entombed.
Is planting permitted at the gravesite?
Trees may not be planted in any of the grave areas, but plants are permitted with the following conditions:

Plantings must be placed in a raised flowerbed making it obvious there are plantings there. The plants or shrubs must not grow taller than the monument, nor extend beyond the perimeter of the grave(s), nor into the burial area of the graves where the mower travels. Fernhill are not responsible for any plantings placed by clients.

Planters or pots may be placed in the designated area for plants and it is the responsibility of the family to remove them in the fall. Fernhill maintenance will remove unsightly or broken planters and pots.
Can I make a financial donation to Fernhill?
Yes. As a not-for-profit cemetery, and one of the oldest in the country, we readily welcome any and all donations as one of the most meaningful methods of supporting this national, provincial and local treasure. In addition to non-specified donations, many people donate in memory of a loved one with the timing of the donation relating to a special occasion. A second means of donating is through our Memorial
Tree program. For more information, please Contact Us.

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