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About Us

A Place To Be

Ancestors and descendants meet at Fernhill Cemetery on 80 hectares of mature trees, gardens and meadows interlaced with 80 kilometers of walking paths and roadways.

Not only is Fernhill a resting place for friends and family, it is a destination for historians tracing geneaology, for horticulturalists studying a mature park setting, for walkers and joggers seeking a measure of peace, tranquility and gentle exercise.

Take A New Look At Fernhill

After over 150 years, Fernhill has become such a central part of our heritage that people have begun to take it for granted. We want to change some of those preconceptions.

Although Fernhill was founded back in 1848, almost two decades before Confederation, we are just barely middle-aged and there is still a lot to do. Funeral technology is an evolving science of which we are proud to be on the forefront. There is always new work being done on the grounds, new plantings and landscaping. Fernhill is in the full bloom of maturity with a long journey ahead and many new friends to meet.

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Visit Genealogical Research (Please contact the office for directions)

Charitable Programs - A Lasting Symbol 

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